Ironwoman Dreams

If I can do this, anyone can.

About Me

Desperate to find a way out of fatgirldom and binge eating, after my weight peaked out well over 225 lbs on my 5’7″ body in 2011, I decided to try something I’d never tried before: patience. I started with tiny changes, lost a little weight, gained a little confidence, made bigger changes, lost more weight and gained more confidence. Finally, I was pretty well convinced that I could do just about anything that I set my mind to. I joined a running team in Spring of 2012 to train for a half marathon, and exceeded my wildest expectations, keeping up with the fast, skinny girls and dropping another 30 lbs in the process. Whoah!

Now I have it in my crazy noggin to try, not only a triathlon, but an Ironman. With the help of some amazing coaches, and another team, I should get there in one piece. For now, I’m just going to enjoy (and sometimes hate) the journey.

Some of my posts are funny, some are heartfelt, and some probably don’t have any purpose of being published. I hope you’ll stick with me while I get this all out of my system.


Special Note:

As many of my readers already know, I’m not just swimming, biking and running 140.6 miles straight for my own amusement (what a hoot it has been–ha!), I am doing so to help raise money to fight cancer and support those who are going through very difficult treatment right now.

Here’s the deal: I have a goal to raise almost $6K by July. I’m only 34% of the way there, and it’s already June. I really could use your support.

What’s in it for you if you donate from now until July 1:

If I reach:

34%– one randomly selected donor wins a $50 Visa gift card (GOAL REACHED–AWESOMESAUCE)

43% — One randomly selected donor wins a $100 gift card to his or her airline of choice

60% — Two randomly selected donors will win $200 for their airline of choice

90%+ — One randomly selected donor will win a grand prize package!

$10 donation= one entry. Drawing held July 2, 2013

Donate here:

Instead of ordering pizza tonight, consider putting that money toward making a difference in the lives of many.

Spread the word, inspire others to do something awesome today!

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