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Raw: A Diet Story

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(Sorry for the lack of pix lately–for random images of fruits and veggies, please see Instagram) ;p

Day 1 Raw Report: In the weeks leading up to this raw diet, I’ve experienced a strong case of post-IM depression. It was all I could do to remain upright and not drag myself around like a midday slug. There were moments when I refused to connect emotionally with anyone at any time. I just wanted to be alone. But, then, when I was alone, I felt crushing loneliness, the kind that almost makes you physically ache.

The night before the morning of my raw “cleanse”, I was up and down all night, having nightmares and existential panic attacks. My alarm sounded at 5 a.m. and I almost, almost retreated back to sleep instead of getting ready for swim class, but I knew that I needed to get back in that pool (“Three weeks off becomes three months off”, Coach Brad had stated, and it rung in my sleep-addled skull).

One small banana pre-swim, instead of a small granola bar. Still, my energy level dropped mid-swim, while we slogged through stroke and bilateral breathing drills again and again. Let me say, for the record, that drills are not my thing, although I did get pretty good at that stupid Shark Switch drill that Holly always managed to stick into those IronTeam workouts.  I will admit that the Extended Doggie Paddle drill that Mikey made us do really helped with my catch and pull, but, still…Grr.

After the swim, I came home and made myself a raw protein shake with raw protein powder, a banana, and this new probiotic coconut water I had picked up at Whole Foods. For the record also, probiotic coconut water is sick. It’s like sticking a straw in a coconut, only to discover that someone has vomited in it. Not doing that again. Nope, nope.

I managed to slug down that whole shake (shudder), and then packed up some snacks to prepare myself for the long journey of potential starvation: one peach, two Clementines and 21 raw almonds. You never know what the day can bring.

This was also the first morning I’d be without my beloved coffee. Let me say, again, for this record, I LOVE coffee. I love how it tastes, how it smells, I love how it gives me that little pick-me-up in the morning, after I’ve been up at some ungodly hour of the morning for a workout. Coffee is my friend, and I was going to have to do without it for two whole weeks. Sadness.

Green tea was a poor substitute, a pale charade of a caffeinated beverage. I was practically falling asleep in meetings later that morning. Luckily, I managed to stay awake through lots of water drinking (and trips to the loo), and by consuming a Clementine and some almonds.

For lunch, I am lucky that our cafeteria has a salad bar and fresh fruit. I grabbed a cup of assorted melons to accompany my spring mix, broccoli, onion, tomato, olive, and sunflower seed salad, sprinkled with lemon juice. To drink, (regular) coconut water.

By the time I returned home, I was exhausted. I didn’t even have the energy to tidy my apartment. Sloggy, slow, still depressed, and feeling bloated, I mashed an avocado with some lime juice and garlic, and smooshed it into some raw kale for dinner. I ate the remaining peach for dessert and felt disgustingly full.

Today (Day 2), has been slightly better. My sleep was still crummy, but my mood is a little bit elevated, so that’s good. I’m hoping that getting a good night’s sleep will help regulate things a bit. I have a bike ride slated for tomorrow morning. We’ll see how it goes…

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