Ironwoman Dreams

If I can do this, anyone can.

One More Day: A Hero Story

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Hey all,

I have another great story for you coming soon after an epic-ly tough weekend (including the infamous 5/3 brick)!

Just a reminder that I’m going to be swimming, biking and running in my first Ironman in TWO WEEKS in order to raise money to fight cancer!

I’m still miles away from my fundraising goals and I could really use your help. Please become MY superhero and donate what you can to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society here:

Thank you in advance for being awesome! 🙂

Author: Solange Deschatres

Innovative multi-marketing strategist and writer with a futuristic eyeball (and one normal one for writing, reading, design and such). Strong background in mobile, interactive and social marketing. Runner, writer, and art, music, tech and equine enthusiast. Owner of the most amazing Beagle you'll ever meet.

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