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2500 Crunches: AND MORE!

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Six days into this 2500-crunch challenge and I’m in good standing. 1650 crunches done, plus my bonus “warm-up” 250 means that I’ve obliterated my core with over 1800 of these suckers. Crazily enough, I am seeing a huge difference already. Sure, the only way to get that six-pack, abs of steel thing to show is to have little body fat over the waistline, but I’m seeing a lot of definition there, and I’m okay with not actually seeing my six-pack (I know it’s there for emergencies, and that’s all that matters, really).

Today, Coach Emily wanted to know how many regular crunches we could do without losing proper form. My honest count is 165, as my elbows started to collapse inward around my head after that point, and I had to fight to keep them back. Regular crunches bore me anyway, so it’s not like I’ll be doing that many of the same ones again, any time soon.

I also added two minutes of planks to this challenge. Special Note: You can help cure cancer and add minutes to the plank challenge by donating $25 to my fundraising page for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: !

Next weekend is Desert Tri! I am so excited/nervous/scared/thrilled! According to the coaches, it’s tons of fun. I’m going to take as many pics as I can, and I’m sure there will be some from our team photographer as well. Wish me luck!

P.S. Good news! My warrior wounds are healing up nicely. I was finally able to wear a skirt to a job interview this week!!!

With any luck, no nasty scars, but a little scarring is okay (physical proof I'm a BAMF). ;)

With any luck, no nasty scars, but a little scarring is okay (physical proof I’m a BAMF). 😉


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  1. Good luck at your interview!

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