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2500 Crunches: Challenge Update!

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Two (official) days into the challenge to do 2500 crunches in 10 days, and, boy, are my abs sore!  I’ve completed over 550 crunches in two days, plus another 250 on my bonus warm-up day (and I did five minutes of planks, thanks to Coach Holly’s challenge that day).

Of course, now that I’m spending a lot of time on the floor, Sheila, my Beagle, thinks, “Oooh, cool, you’re on the floor! You must want to play with me!” Keeping her out of my face during crunches has proven harder than I planned.


My personal trainer. Not.

Who’s training whom? At least she could be useful and learn how to count.

Not only did she insist on being nose-to-nose with me while I lurched up and down with every ab contraction, she also decided it was okay to perch on top of my chest. I decided to put her need for attention to good use, as an awkwardly-shaped weight on my chest for some weighted crunches. That did not work. She found this quite rude and promptly removed her 18-lb body from my person after about 10 of them. Of course, a minute later, she was back, in my face and insisting on becoming part of this routine somehow. She wouldn’t sit on my feet, she couldn’t count, and all she was doing was giving me a pathetic-ly awkward look while I huffed and puffed through my sets. What good was she? Finally, I had a solution:

Sheila helps with 25 rope-assisted crunches.

Sheila helps with 25 rope-assisted crunches.


Here was my set for today. My personal trainer and I are going for a walk!

25 regular crunches
50 bicycle crunches
25 rope climbing crunches
50 “mermaid” crunches (lie on your side, top hand behind your head, and crunch feet and head up–really targets obliques)
25 weighted crunches (10 with 18-lb moving Beagle, 15 with a 10-lb weight)
50 regular oblique crunches
25 reverse crunches (lift legs instead of head)
25 “V” crunches
25 “rope assisted” Sheila crunches

Total= 300

Want to make this routine tougher on me for a great cause?  For every $25 you donate to my cancer-fighting fundraising page throughout the challenge, I’ll add one extra minute of planks to my DAILY crunch routine. Do it! I promise I will only hate you one minute at a time:

Want to join the challenge and come up with your own powerhouse crunch routine? Follow Coach Emily @goingforgoofy, Coach Holly @hesort, and, of course, yours truly @SollyD on Twitter to join in and keep up with us!



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