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2500 Crunches: A Challenge!

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So, Coach Emily has decided to post a series of fun fitness challenges on her blog, Going For Goofy. Last week, she gave people seven days to complete one hour total of planks. This week, we have ten days, starting tomorrow, to  complete 2500 crunches (that’s 250 per day, if you want to split it evenly).

I broke down and decided to give this challenge a shot, creating a total-ab crunch workout for myself:

25 regular crunches
50 bicycle crunches
25 “climb the rope” or “cherry picker” crunches (legs up at 90 degrees, hands reaching toward toes)
25 x 3 weighted crunches (using a 10-lb weight against my chest, 25 ea. front, left side, right side)
25 regular crunches on the ball
25 crunches with my legs at 45 degrees
25 weighted crunches on the ball


I tested it out this morning, and, all I can say is, WHEW! This is going to be a long ten days! And then, there’s this little bonus:

CRUSH ME FOR A CAUSE!: Ever wanted to torture someone? Now’s your chance (juust kidding–kind of). As if torturing myself with 250 daily crunches for 10 days in a row wasn’t enough, I’m putting the fate of my abs in your hands by letting you add minutes of planks to my routine. For every $25 you donate to my cancer-fighting fundraising page throughout the challenge, I’ll add one extra minute of planks to my crunch routine. Just go here: (ugh, I feel the burn already)!

Want to join the challenge and come up with your own powerhouse crunch routine? Follow Coach Emily @goingforgoofy, Coach Holly @hesort, and, of course, yours truly @SollyD to join in and keep up with us! Time to really kick some a$$!

Kick A$$!

Me winning the Kick A$$ Award at IronTEAM practice!


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