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Almost A Mile Of Progress! : A Swimming Story


6 a.m. and I’m in the water. I’m not awake until about 30 meters in, when my body starts to realize, “Oh, my, we’re working out again, aren’t we? Haven’t we had enough of this?” My heart starts to pound, my brain starts to panic, ever-so-slightly, my lungs pull desperately for air once my lips surface. After 100 meters of warm-up, I wonder if I’ll be able to muck through this practice, as my cardio system already feels like it’s maxed out.

The water is an enigmatic beast, on the one hand, trying to kill you, but on the other hand, supporting you gently in its powerful sway. The more you fight it, the more it tries to do you in, until, at least, you’ve learned to become its master.  Most of my swim, I’m desperately clawing through the water, trying to make it across before swallowing too much water.

I swallowed a lot this morning, but I didn’t let it stop me. Mikey put me through this routine:

150m warm-up
150m swim stroke practice, holding kickboard
150m swimming with fists (using forearm)
100m swimming with fists (using buoy)
200m freestyle
one min rest
150m freestyle
one min rest
100m freestyle
one min rest
50m freestyle
4x25m freestyle fastest possible (30sec rest in-between)
100m freestyle, timed (2:04 final time)
50m cooldown

Aside from the occasional sputter, gasp, and choke, I made it. My fastest 25m lap time was 24 seconds! Mikey said my form was looking really good. The main things I have to remember are keeping myself really long, kicking UP, head DOWN and relaxing my hands (Mikey says I “scoop” too much). It’s amazing how fast I’ve progressed in only three weeks!

Swimming sure did feel great on my body after my successful 16-mile run yesterday (will write up on this later today), although my legs did feel a little heavier than usual. What a great start to the week! I feel mahhhhvelllous!


Author: Solange Deschatres

Innovative multi-marketing strategist and writer with a futuristic eyeball (and one normal one for writing, reading, design and such). Strong background in mobile, interactive and social marketing. Runner, writer, and art, music, tech and equine enthusiast. Owner of the most amazing Beagle you'll ever meet.

2 thoughts on “Almost A Mile Of Progress! : A Swimming Story

  1. Great post and good workout (I’m going to give it a try this week). My mind and body go through almost the exact same revolt with early morning swims. It seems it takes them about 300 yards to realize I’m not giving up before they let me get comfortable with the rest of my workout.

    • Usually my brain has this moment of, “Ahhh, I’m going to die!!” once during warmup, once during my first “long” swim, and once (or twice) during speed drills. I think the first panic is normal, and hopefully the rest of them will go away, with more practice. 😉 Let me know how you like that workout. My coach is amazing–I’m really lucky!

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